Sep 15 • 53M

You Couldn't Script It, Episode 14: Gregory's Girl

The football content is limited, but this remains a satisfyingly absurd comedy.

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Ian King
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This week's You Couldn't Script It came as a blessed relief for both Edward and Ian, as your heroes watched the 1980 film Gregory's Girl and were unsurprisingly delighted to be doing so. This was particularly true of Edward, who had never seen the film before (in spite of it being more or less exactly the same age as him, begging the question: which has matured the more gracefully?). 

It's a film so packed to the brim with period touches that a podcast rich in personal reminiscence was more or less inevitable, and duly you'll discover our thoughts on topics as diverse as New Towns, the Proustian rush of seeing familiar old commercials on YouTube videos and the best type of non-regulation plastic football with which to play a school match. 

Your regular panel also, albeit fleetingly, discuss the film in question and are charmed endlessly by its endless charms. Even Edward, whose feelings about Clare Grogan have derailed many podcasts in the past, is able to more or less behave himself. Wonders will never cease. 

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I was unable to find the specific photograph referred to in the podcast, so here’s a picture of me, aged six years old.